Placenta Encapsulation

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and herbalists have utilized placenta as a healing remedy for thousands of years. Throughout the pregnancy, the placenta has been responsible for a great deal of hormonal production and regulation, so when it leaves the body there is a drastic shift. The idea behind placenta medicine is to reintroduce your body’s own hormones and enzymes in capsule form, so as to restore hormonal balance, provide nutrients and energy, and help the body recover from the birth. Through placenta medicine, I help transform the placenta into part of the birth ritual and aid in the recovery after birth.

Many people who have consumed their placentas have reported:

Many people who have taken placenta medicine have reported:

  • More stable mood
  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced breast milk supply
  • Faster uterine healing
  • Decreased blood loss in the post partum period
  • improved menses symptoms

The Encapsulation Process:

Encapsulating a placenta usually takes around 30 hours total. First, I clean the placenta. Next, I can either lightly steam it with warming herbs for a just a few minutes (in the style of Traditional Chinese Medicine), or prepare it raw. Then I slice it and place it in the dehydrator for 24 hours. After it is dehydrated completely, I grind it into a powder and put it in capsules, then into a jar. I usually have it returned to the family by 2-3 days later (pending births!)

Placenta service includes:

  • Pick- up and Drop off Services
  • Placenta preparation and encapsulation
  • 80-120 placenta pills, depending on the size of your placenta
  • umbilical keepsake
  • Dosage information and guidance
  • Continued contact for tips and questions​ 

I encourage you to do your own research and please contact me with any additional questions!

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