About Me

How I found this path:

I was pursuing my degree in psychology at UC Santa Cruz with the intent of becoming a therapist, but I found myself wanting something different. I thrive in the role of a support person, so I was keeping my eyes open for similar opportunities that moved me. Having worked with Rape Prevention Education for a few years leading workshops on gender roles, I was very engaged in the topic of gender activism and advocating for women, gender queer and trans people. The pieces were all there, they just needed to be put together.

One night a friend was sharing the story of the birth of his first child. It was a miraculous birth that enhanced their union as a couple, launched them into parenthood with an unforeseen confidence in their abilities, and created an amazingly bonded family. It was the first time I understood that that kind of event was an accessible and realistic experience of birth; I was deeply moved and began voraciously learning. When I learned about the role of a doula, it immediately made sense for me, and, once I moved through some fears, it was a very natural shift into midwifery.  Easing the transition to parenthood and empowering families in this vulnerable and pivotal moment in their lives is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever done. With social justice at the root of my work, I prioritize cultural sensitivity and inclusivity, queer inclusivity, informed consent, and access to the desired services regardless of economic status.

I just finished studying midwifery at Maternidad La Luz, a very busy birth center in El Paso, Texas, where I attended sometimes multiple births a day. I was lucky enough to receive 32 babies there with my hands. I am currently studying for the NARM exam with the intention of being licensed by April, when I will attend births as a homebirth midwife.


Other things :

I live in Oakland, Ca. and have spent years living in SF and Santa Cruz. I love surfing and spending time walking in nature. Dancing was my first passion in life and continues to bring me much joy and inspiration, and photography takes up a lot of my time these days as well. I enjoy cooking delicious and healthy food. I am an avid traveler I speak Spanish, Italian and intermediate Brazilian Portuguese, and I support mamas in those languages as well. 

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